Top 5 Reasons That Makes ‘The Customer is Always Right’ Wrong

Have you ever heard the phrase common in the customer service area of commercial establishments? Here are the reasons that make ‘The Customer is Always Right’ very wrong.

It was Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder and successor behind the Selfridge’s Department Store in London that coined the famous phrase, “The customer is always right” in 1909. This is usually used in all business establishments as a marketing tactic to convince the customers that they will acquire a good service and to persuade the employees to always give customers an excellent service.

However, in most cases, the phrase itself leads to much worse customer service. Below are the reasons why the phrase is very wrong:

  1. Employees are unhappy about it

The service and loyalty of your employees should be commended since they put their hard work on their daily tasks in your company. It is only rightful that the employers and customers should treat them right, because they provide the needs/wants the company and the customer demands to. In addition, the “always right” in the phrase squarely favors only the customer which is worse since it leaves no choice for an employee and to be taken for granted by the lousy customers.

  1. Some BUT NOT ALL customers are not good for the business

It’s very common that the mantra of most businesses is “the more customers the better”, but believe it or not, some customers are very bad for the company. The employer should know when to step up for his employees, since one bad customer can never affect the profit of the company on the long run. It’s actually better to lose a customer, rather than to lose a loyal and dedicated employee.

  1. Some customers are really wrong

The fact that there are circumstances, in which those customers are very wrong and just using the phrase to put the fault to the employees, makes it wrong already. It doesn’t mean that it favors the customers the most; the employer won’t defend his people against injustice.

It is the priority of any business owner to always think of the welfare of is employee, since they’re the one who puts a lot of effort to keep the business’ success; put the employees first then you’ll witness how your employees will prioritize the customers. It’s a good domino effect.